Importance of maintaining a healthy pH Balance:

Studies show that metabolic acidosis is associated with many degenerative diseases, can accelerate aging, and cause weight gain. Find out how alkaline water helps neutralize damaging acids.

Alkaline water is used for:
Healthy Part of Weight Loss
Natural Detoxification
Powerful Hydration

A Healthy Part of Weight Loss:
A recent study on alkaline water reports that people who drank alkaline water lost an average of 12 pounds over 2 months.
Drinking alkaline water daily may help:

Maintain your metabolism
Reduce appetite
Support healthy probiotics
Promote healthy weight loss

Natural Detoxification:
Alkaline water has been shown by clinical research to help the body expel 10 heavy metals.

Drinking alkaline water daily may help:
Protect against the toxic effects of mercury
Helps the body excrete toxins
Optimizes detoxification regimens

Powerful Hydration:
Ionized alkaline water hydrates better than plain water and helps supply the body with essential minerals.

Drinking alkaline water daily may help:
Proper hydration (may prevent heart attacks and strokes)
Cells hydrate quickly
Improve athletic hydration and recovery