About us

About our company

Ocean Water International
Ocean Water International is a company that distributes water treatment systems and alkaline water systems that is based on the following values:


Our constant concern is to offer our customers the newest and most efficient technology for the treatment of drinking water in homes, businesses or industries.
We understand the importance of offering the best water treatment systems


PURONICS officially certified by:
• Water Quality Association (WQA)
• EPA – United States Environmental Protection Agency


Honesty and transparency
Ocean Water International works from its origins with HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY offering our customers timely, complete and clear information about the treatment, filtration and alkaline water systems; In addition to all those financing programs that support the family economy and for which they may qualify.


Our commitment is to offer and grow loyalty links that allow us to build family and business support networks that provide a better quality of life for our sales executive clients and business partners.


Add Value to the lives of others
Ocean Water International bases its work on the objective of adding value to the lives of our customers, sales executives and business partners through awareness, information and offer of products and services of certified quality.